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Our People

Sir Probyn Innis


Probyn Ellsworth Inniss was born on the 18th November 1936 and received his early and secondary education on St. Kitts. He attended the University of the West Indies graduating with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1961. He later studies law and was called to the Bar at Middle Temple. Inniss was employed as a teacher at the St- Kitts-Nevis Grammar School but by 1966 he had risen to the post of Permanent Secretary in Establishments...

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Robert Llewelyn Bradshaw

Sir Robert Llewelyn Bradshaw


Robert Llewelyn Bradshaw Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw was born on the 16th September 1916 in St. Paul’s Village, St. Kitts. His mother, Mary Jane Francis was a twenty-year-old domestic servant, his father William Bradshaw was a blacksmith who migrated to the US when his son was only nine months old. Young Robert, who was described by some as a dull and reticent youth, was brought up by his grandmother who ensured that he behaved himself and went...

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Thomas Manchester


Thomas Manchester Thomas Manchester was born on the 16th August 1880. He was the sixth child and second son of James Thomas Allan Manchester and his wife Ann Catherine Atherton. A pillar of the St. Ann’s Anglican Church in Sandy Point, James was the owner of Lynch’s and New Guinea estates, the attorney for the Blake’s plantation and a member of the St. Kitts Executive Council. Together he and his wife had produced seven children, three...

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Our Places

Wingfield and Romney Estates


Wingfield The area now occupied by Wingfield and Romney estates, just outside the village of Old Road, was the site of the first permanent plantation settlement in the English Caribbean. It was close to the Kalinago holy places and the fortified buildings along with possible socially unacceptable behaviour may have provoked them into attempting to remove the intruders. Wingfield Estate was the property of the John Jeafferson, who along with his brother Samuel accompanied Thomas Warner in...

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St Thomas Anglican Church


St. Thomas Anglican Church, Middle Island St Thomas Anglican Church occupies the site of the first Anglican Church in the West Indies. The first building would have been made of wood and designed to hold a few English Settlers. Changes were made to it over the years to allow for larger congregations and to rebuild after hurricanes and earthquakes. In 1622 St. Kitts saw the arrival of an English group of settlers lead by Thomas Warner. They...

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Government House


The land that became known as Springfield was a small part of Diamond Estate. It 1828 it was the property of Sir James Henry Blake, the second son of Sir Patrick Blake of Langham, an absentee land owner. Besides Diamond, he also owned Pinnel, an estate of one hundred and ninety seven acres in the Parish of St. Ann and had land in Montserrat and the counties of Middlesex, Suffolk and Sussex in England. Diamond...

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Our Events

Good Friday


  Good Friday is a quiet day in St. Kitts. Many go to the various church services that commemorate Christ’s Crucifiction . At home, there are hot cross buns for breakfast while lunch consists of cooked saltfish, mackerel, or fresh fish served with a mixture of starchy foods (potatoes, sweet potatoes, breadfruit, green figs, yams, cassava, dasheen, edoes) and greens. In St. Kitts, Good Friday and the rest of the Easter weekend is also the time...

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The Arts Festival


Arts Festival - String Band, St. Kitts   On the 18th August 1964, the Education Centre, now the Basseterre High School, was the venue of “an evening of One Act Plays”. The plays were The Doctor in spite of Himself, by Moliere produced by Eustace John and Sunday Costs twenty-five dollars produced by Aimee Dinzey. This was the beginning of the first Arts Festival in St. Kitts that was to last for 15 days. The idea of an...

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The Christena Disaster - 1 August 1970


In 1956, Messrs Sprostons Ltd of British Guiana was engaged by the Government of St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla to advise and assist in repairing damage to marine facilities caused by the passage of Hurricane Greta in October. The hurricane had destroyed the MV Anslyn and in 1958, a fire caused serious damage to the MV Rehoboth resulting in drastically diminished inter-island transport.  An order for the new vessel was submitted in 1959. The MV Christena was built by...

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