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Our People

Sir Paul Southwell


Caleb Azariah Paul Southwell Caleb Azariah Paul Southwell was born in Dominica on the 18th July 1913 to Joseph and Amelia Southwell. He attended elementary school and became a teacher at the age of thirteen years then he went on to obtain the Leeward Islands Teachers Certificate. In 1938 he joined the Leeward Islands Police Force, a job that took him to Antigua, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis. He stayed with the Force for six years. In...

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Elvis "Star" Browne


Elvis "Star" Browne Elvis Browne was born on the 9 February 1961 to Margaret Browne. He grew up in La Guerite Village and received his early education at De Village Primary School before moving on to high school and then to the Technical College where he received a diploma in Carpentry, a trade he practiced for a number of years. Browne was an accomplished track and field athlete, a competent cricketer but it was his passion for...

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William Frederick Solomon


William Frederick Solomon was born in 1881. Little is known of his youth except that he had learnt the carpenter’s trade and in 1911 he was employed on the construction of the Basseterre Sugar Factory. He was dismissed form that job because of his anti-management attitudes. He had successfully attempted to manufacture and sell soap but eventually went into business as a building contractor and undertaker working out of Liverpool Row. By 1917 he had...

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Our Places

St. George’s Anglican Church


ST. GEORGE’S ANGLICAN CHURCH is the largest church in Basseterre. It stands at the head of Church Street and resembles an English parish church in style. The outer walls are of heavy andesite rock and the roof is covered in slate. Like many of the buildings in Basseterre this church has had its ups and downs, often rising from ashes like the mythical Phoenix. In 1635, at the request of the directors of the Company of...

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Masses House


  The Workers League was formed in 1932 and in 1940 its members also formed the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades and Labour Union. Meetings often took place at the building of the Mutual Improvement Society. All three organisations had members in common. Less formal meetings often took place in private residences or at business belonging to the membership.  However the activities of the Union worried some of the members of the MIS and both the League and...

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The Port of Sandy Point and its Anchorage


Part 1 by Cameron St. Pierre Gill The town of Sandy Point was the first major seaport on the island of St. Christopher (St. Kitts), the earliest English colony in the British West Indies. Many mistakenly claim that Sandy Point was St. Kitts first English town. This is not so, that honour belongs to Old Road, the site of Thomas Warner’s first settlement. When St. Kitts was divided between the English and French, Old Road was the...

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Our Events

St. Kitts Music Festival


The St. Kitts Music Festival takes place every year at the end of June. It was the brain child of then Minister of Tourism and Culture, G A Dwyer Astaphan who wanted to create an event that would attract visitors to St. Kitts in the off season and to expose the creative elements on the island, and the general public to the different genres of music. The festival’s website sets out its objectives as follows: to...

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1772 Hurricane Damage in the Basseterre Area


  Selections from An Account of the Late Dreadful Hurricane which happened on the 31st August 1772 also the Damage done in the islands of St. Christopher and Nevis, attempted to be Ascertained (1772) that refer to properties that are now part of the town of Basseterre. The Court House in Basseterre torn from its foundations, the lumber of which was sold for 50 l. currency, though the building cost the country a thousand pounds sterling. Church partly...

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Carnival - New Years Day


In June 1957 Basil Henderson, Major L.N Alphonso, Tony Lawrence, Leroy Coury, Alexis Knight, E Vanterpool and Al Barker formed a temporary committee entrusted with the planning of St. Kitts’ first Carnival. It was felt that a Carnival along the lines of the Trinidad one would help the economy and give visitors something to look forward to. By the end of that year St. Kitts had its first queen show, Calypso Show and street parade...

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